What experts say about the 2021 Indianapolis Colts picks


the Indianapolis Colts finished it 2021 NFL Draft with seven selections. The first two were passing throwers, and they covered much of the rest of the field with their other picks. They raised their eyebrows without choose an offensive lineman until the seventh round.

Here are the 2021 NFL Indianapolis Colts Draft picks:

Round 1: Kwity Payerusher edge, Michigan

2nd round: Dayo Odeyingbo, board rusher, Vanderbilt

Round 4: Kylen granson, tight end, SMU

Round 5: Shawn davis, security, Florida

Round 6: Sam ehlingerquarterback, Texas

Round 7: Mike Strachan, wide receiver, Charleston

Round 7: Will fries, offensive lineman, Penn State

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And here’s what NFL draft pundits are saying about the Colts’ picks. Considering half the league got B or better ratings from most observers, these are less than stellar.

(Of course, no one will know the real notes until these guys play for a while. Just ask linebacker Darius Leonard, who is set to remind anyone of a particular Colts assessment leading him to the second round in 2018.)

General manager Chris Ballard gets a good base score on meeting all the most urgent needs across the board, starting with a nice youthful burst of pass juice. Granson and Strachan are intriguing depth players to back up what they have on tight and wide toes. Ehlinger was a developmental double threat worthy of putting behind Carson Wentz. The only considerable problem is not approaching the attacking tackle in a much broader way.

Paye will bring strength and speed to the Colts, who needed to improve their rush to make an AFC title run in 2021. The team desperately needed a left tackle to replace Anthony Castonzo, but instead doubled over the edge with Odeyingbo, whose length and power will make him an excellent candidate in a red shirt as he recovers from the torn Achilles he suffered this offseason.

Granson is a tight little receiver / fullback who could be a real find in the fourth for the Colts, but I thought his lack of height and consistency as a wide receiver would cost him more position in the draft. Davis will bring success to high school. Choosing Ehlinger usually makes sense in terms of being able to earn a spot on the roster as a replacement. I wonder what the pick suggests about the team’s confidence in last year’s fourth-round selection Jacob Eason. Strachan is tall and athletic for the job. The Colts will need to find cornerbacks and linebackers among the top undrafted free agents.

Day 1: Paye is one of the many physically gifted but unrefined rushers in this draft class. He has generational tools for the job and clocked a three-cone time under 6.5 seconds, but his pass-rush plans are a bit reckless. He still managed to register a pass-rush score of 77.8 in 2019 before increasing it to 87.1 on a smaller sample in 2020. With the right coaching, he can be a dominant player in the NFL.

Day 2: Another player who fits the Colts’ athletic profile for defensemen at a tee. Odeyingbo is an extremely nervous athlete and has a prototypical height, but he doesn’t have the ranking profile and production to match these quirky traits. The Colts have chased these players in the past on several occasions with mixed results. Odeyingbo registered 25 pressures in total in eight games the last time we saw him play.

Day 3: Ehlinger is a four-year-old rookie who has done a good job of limiting turnover in college. This is pretty much where you stop being excited about his prospects of panning the NFL. His pocket presence and arm stand out as obstacles to becoming a viable option at the next level. It’s still not a terrible bet for Indianapolis to make at this point in the draft.

They made a more than reasonable investment to get Wentz, spending the third round of this year and a second round of 2022 which becomes a first … but basically only if Wentz stays on the pitch. But the Colts opted for Kwity Paye in the first round – and the former Michigan star could be the best prospect in this draft – but then took DE Dayo Odeyingbo in the second round, though an injury to Achilles could keep him out of the game. pitch in 2021. Very curious that GM Chris Ballard did not pursue more aggressively the replacement of left tackle for retiree Anthony Castonzo given that Wentz was sacked 50 times at the top of the league in just 12 games last season .

There was nothing wrong with the Colts using the 21st pick on passer Kwity Paye. But general manager Chris Ballard opted not to use resources early in the draft to tackle the offensive line. This could be a problem as Carson Wentz arrives to take over at QB. Wentz’s mistakes under pressure were his loss to the Eagles, and the Colts could have done more to prevent a post-trade repeat at Indianapolis.

While the edging class lacked weight, the Colts had little choice. When Matt Eberflus runs the kind of system he uses, DeForest Buckner can’t be the only presence that crushes the pocket. Kwity Paye sometimes moves around like a full field ball carrier in the trenches, which may or may not work at the NFL level but is fun to watch on film.

Dayo Odeyingbo could be the most interesting player in the long run. He can line up in several positions, including the edge, but can find a future as a supercharged defensive tackle who can gain athletic incompatibilities on the inside.

The Colts once added a rusher impact to Paye, who has prototypical size and athleticism. They could also secure long-term value for Odeyingbo, who has a major advantage but will likely miss his rookie season after falling with a torn Achilles in January. This Indianapolis haul won’t make national headlines, but it could prove to be effective. Both Paye and Odeyingbo add strength and physique to an already talented defensive line.

The Indianapolis Colts got great value with their selection of Kwity Paye, which was considered a top 15 selection. They took risks in the following laps and it was worrying not to have addressed the position of the left tackle. Sam Ehlinger’s selection makes little sense.

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