Tech Company Qualifi streamlines hiring practices


by Kara Kavensky

Diving into technological entrepreneurship requires courage and courage, with a strong dose of optimism. The Qualifi team certainly fits this description. Co-founders Darrian and Devyn Mikell, both graduates of Avon High School, had an ideal mix of experience when they created Qualifi, a tool for high-volume recruiters. Their first hire was friend and coder DeSean Prentice, who taught himself to code during his downtime in college. DeSean is Vice President of Engineering at Qualifi.
Qualifi increases the efficiency of early phone interviews through their on-demand experience, taking less than a day for these initial interviews instead of the industry standard of a week. Qualifi enables these quick initial phone interviews for the job market, eliminating this delay.
DeSean, from South Bend, and Devyn, were both athletes at Indiana State University. DeSean played soccer and ran on the track, where he met Devyn, who was also on the track team. Alongside college, DeSean and Devyn co-founded a food truck company called Twisted Fry. During the food truck winter, DeSean himself learned JavaScript, a coding language. After earning his undergraduate degree and earning his MBA, DeSean’s first job helped him hone his coding skills while learning voice technology.
After college, Darrian was the first employee of Viral Launch, a platform that helps launch products on the Amazon Marketplace. He met Viral Launch founder Casey Gauss at Indiana Westleyan University. During his time at Viral Launch, Darrian focused on finance, operations, human resources and recruiting. During a wave of growth, he was amazed at how long and inefficient the recruiting process was for him. The phone interviews were repetitive and this first step of the interview protocols was supposed to be quick, but it took a long time. This inspired Darrian to want to automate it.
“If I could pre-record the questions, candidates wouldn’t have to sit and wait,” says Darrian. “And I could free up more time in my schedule.”
Darrian’s brother, Devyn, was simultaneously experiencing the same recruiting fatigue. After graduating from ISU, Devyn worked as a community manager with a home health care provider and one of his responsibilities was to recruit new hires. His company experienced a high turnover rate due to the long hours and the work opportunities. Devyn felt like she was constantly hiring, spending way too much time on the phone.
The founders independently, then together, identified a massive level of inefficiencies in the job funnel and together created a solution. Armed with the idea of ​​Qualifi, they circled DeSean to build their platform. All three men are entrepreneurial and each has experience with start-ups.
Qualifi is locally based in Indianapolis. Shortly after its launch, Qualifi was accepted into the gBETA accelerator for tech startups and they are now part of the NEXT Studios portfolio of companies. Qualifi is also part of Techstars Anywhere ’21, which connects them with mentors from around the world and offers twelve weeks of mentor-focused value for their growing business. The Techstars network is extensive, helping their portfolio members focus on growth, their customer base, and building stronger marketing, sales and partnerships. The twelve intensive weeks end with the demonstration day.
With an increased recruiting efficiency offering, Qualifi is positioned for growth and they recently hired Jessica Bushong, a graduate of Eleven Fifty Academy, to lead their UX (user experience). Jessica was a teacher during her first iteration of her career and realigned her professional trajectory to technology. Her UX profile with Qualifi includes auditing their application and she streamlined their online process.
“Jessica has brought great added value to our team,” says Darrian, CEO and co-founder of Qualifi. “We appreciate his intuitive and methodical approach to his work with Qualifi.”
Qualifi has large client companies in addition to small employers. One of Qualifi’s clients hires more than a hundred new employees every month. Before Qualifi, this company had an assistant planner who worked full time planning the initial, time-consuming job interviews, and after deploying Qualifi was able to reduce that part of her work to one hour per week. and focus on his other priorities.

“The data we collect from our customers clearly indicates that we are on to something huge for businesses that can really make a difference,” says Devyn, co-founder of Qualifi. “We feel this [Qualifi] is the right product at the right time. “

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