Lowry was “ going in the right direction ”


The Green Bay Packers could have freed defensive tackle Dean Lowry next week and created about $ 4.8 million in badly needed cap space. Instead, they restructured his contract this week in the last credit card approach to forming a team in 2021.

By reducing his base salary by $ 4.1 million to the league minimum, turning the difference into a signing bonus, and adding three empty years to his contract, the team lowered their cap to $ 6.3 million. dollars to about $ 3.8 million, creating just under $ 2.5 million of ceiling space. .

Why? Why not switch from a solid but barely spectacular starter?

“Dean comes to work every day. He does whatever you ask him to do, ”defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery said Wednesday.

The defensive line is hardly the strength of the team. Kenny Clark has just had a disappointing season and Kingsley Keke sometimes flashed but failed to deliver consistent impact. The only addition to the unit was TJ Slaton, a fifth-round pick after a disappointing career in Florida.

So, CEO Brian Gutekunst estimated that a Lowry impact was better than no impact at all, even though his 2022 maximum count is $ 7.92 million and will have 1.87 million. dollars even though it is not on the list in 2023.

“I would say we didn’t have the best start last year,” said Montgomery, citing the lack of off-season practices as a possible reason. However, Montgomery liked Lowry’s trend.

“Dean has made great strides,” he continued. “That Tampa game at the end of the year, he and Kenny on the inside dominated that line of scrimmage. I know the result was not what we wanted, but it was going in the right direction there at the end of the year, exactly where we want it to be. If he can start the way he finished the year, we will be heading in the right direction. I love his effort. He’s a great teammate and the guy comes to work everyday like you’re supposed to.

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