Justin Fields and God’s Chicago Plan, by Jessica Johnson


If you’re a die-hard NFL fan, you know the 2021 draft was filled with a lot of quarterback drama. It was a fact that former Clemson star Trevor Lawrence would be the Jacksonville Jaguars’ first pick. The plot unfolded with the San Francisco 49ers having the third selection. Much of the discussion about the simulation project earlier this year envisioned Ohio State’s Justin Fields heading to the Bay Area, but like all good drama, there was a twist in the manufacturing. Instead of heading to sunny Santa Clara, Fields will showcase his talents in Windy City as the new face of the famous Chicago Bears franchise. Once among the top five screened picks, Fields slipped from the first round to No.11, where the Bears traded for him and were delighted he was still on the board. That slip cost Fields a lot of money, around $ 11 million difference in his signing bonus, but he handled it with grace and humility, saying, “I’m the kind of guy who thinks everything happens. for a reason, so I think it’s God’s plan for me to be a bear. “Fields continued offering more insight, sounding a lot wiser than his 22 years old:” I’ve been in so many different situations. in my life where I think I want something. … I put all my trust in God, and he put me in a perfect place for me. “

Everything happens for a reason. This is not the major storyline that follows Fields, as Bears fans longed to return to the Super Bowl. The team’s last appearance was in 2007, when they lost to the Indianapolis Colts. My generation marveled at the 1985 Bears, famed for Super Bowl Shuffle and championship-winning starring legendary Hall of Fame players Walter Payton and Mike Singletary, as well as rock star quarterback Jim McMahon. Fields is already the instant star that many Chicagoans hope to bring back to 80s glory; however, I believe they will end up appreciating him much more for his stellar character based on his faith.

In all the years I’ve watched the NFL Draft, I’ve heard analysts talk about how team GMs look not only for athleticism and skills, but also for leadership intangibles, attributes. who win the locker room and make the guys fight in the trenches. from the grill. Fields showed that kind of leadership when he fought for the Buckeyes to have a college football season last year. It was a move of selflessness, as he could have chosen not to play due to COVID-19 and train for the draft as a first-round lock. Fields also showed great maturity when baseless attacks on his work ethic and dedication to winning surfaced in the media during the writing process. Claims like that were baffling, as he had played with bruised ribs in the Sugar Bowl against Clemson, throwing six touchdowns and had a 73.4% success rate in all seven Ohio State games. As his professional career begins, Fields learns a hard lesson that those of us who are much older have gone through. Sometimes people won’t recognize you for your accomplishments, even with a solid CV – in his case, a great play strip. Reflecting further on Fields’ comments about God’s plan, I actually view the unsubstantiated claims against his commitment to his profession as a test rather than an attack. A test measures how you handle and overcome adversity. Football has taught Fields a lot about being tested, and he spoke about it in an interview for Cleveland.com in 2019, stating: “Usually when bad things happen there is a reason behind it, a lesson behind it … you trust yourself. are stronger than the trial or tribulation you are going through. ”

As a rookie quarterback, Fields will certainly face some hardship when he can play in his first season in the NFL, but he has shown he has the courage to handle whatever comes his way. I believe Fields will be successful for “Da Bears” not only because he was a great QB in college, but because he looks at the big picture beyond football. He will soon discover why Chicago is God’s “perfect place” for him.

Dr Jessica A. Johnson is a Lecturer in the English Department at the Lima Campus of Ohio State University. Email him at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter: @JjSmojc. To learn more about Jessica Johnson and read articles from other Creators Syndicate authors and designers, visit the Creators Syndicate website at www.creators.com.

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