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Indycar, which races on the IMS road course in May, will join NASCAR on the road course again in August. (Photo by Kris Branch)

NTT data Indycar The show has had an oval problem for some time. The problem is the lack of ovals on the calendar since the first street race in St. Petersburg, Florida, which was added to the calendar in 2005. The 2008 CART / IRL merger also added more road and road races.

Looking back on 2009 Indycar The schedule, the first season after the merger, shows there were 10 oval races and seven road / street races. Of these 10 oval tracks, only two still exist on the program – Texas and Indianapolis. This is where the oval question lies.

Racing fans have been clamoring for years that more ovals are needed. That was the intention of the Indy Racing League. This is why it was created. Not only to allow American dirt riders to try their luck on the Indy 500, but also because Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Tony George felt Indycar leaned more toward road and highway courses.

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More recently, Indycar President Jay Frye said the series explores additional oval options for the 2022 calendar. There are currently only three oval races on the schedule, Texas, Indianapolis and Gateway. Homestead, just south of Miami, has shown interest in hosting the series. He hosted Indycar to some extent from its opening from 1996 to 2010.

The social media feed for this ad has Indycar the fans are enthusiastic, but also cautious. In fact, it seems hard to get excited about a series exploring the options. There is no guarantee as it has to make financial sense. Fans want Indycar to get back to Milwaukee, Michigan and Kentucky to name a few, but here’s the problem.

Just because fans want the series to return to these even iconic Milwaukee tracks, there’s no guarantee fans will show up. The oval race is dying a slow death in America. Fans actually have to attend these races if they want them to be successful. This is the problem that Indycar faces. Fans want more oval races, but the mystery seems to be how to get fans to them.

In fact, it is an ongoing problem. Indycar has revisited iconic tracks like Phoenix and Pocono more recently and both tracks have struggled to gain fans. So much so that after only a few years of testing, they decided not to return to any track.

Now there was a strange report that came from Sports Business Journal motorsport writer Adam Stern. Stern reports that his sources have indicated that NASCAR is exploring a possible street race in Chicago, Ill., In the next few years. NASCAR has slowed down by adding more road courses to its schedule in recent years.

NASCAR ran the Daytona Road course after this year’s Daytona 500, and the series added races at Road America, Circuit of the Americas, and the road course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. There are seven road courses on the NASCAR program this year. NASCAR, which once filled the Indianapolis Motor Speedway circuit with racing fans, is hoping for a return from fans. The series turned the once Brickyard 400 into a road racing affair. The Xfinity Series had a very good road race in 2020, so the NASCAR Cup Series will do left and right handed turns to Indy in 2021.

The question remains, is there something to fear? NASCAR has been losing fans for some time and it seems obvious that the gadgets are not performing as they had hoped. Playoffs, stage races and overtime are all things NASCAR has thrown to the wall to see what will stay in place to keep its fans and keep them on the racetrack.

NASCAR always seemed to follow Indycar lead into the past. They took credit for the HANS device, the SAFER barrier, and stole the term “rovalTo describe the Charlotte Motor Speedway road course. Putting NASCAR on a street circuit doesn’t sound different. Maybe NASCAR has seen the street courts work. Indycar plays for a large number of racing fans in Long Beach, St. Petersburg and Toronto to name a few.

NASCAR has an oval problem, and it puts on a spectacular show when racing on a road course. The Sonoma and Watkins Glen races are some of the fan favorites, and racing fans can be thrilled knowing that the Cup cars will put on a better show on the IMS road course than they ever have before. done on the oval track.

So racing fans, is there an oval problem? Is this a sign of things to come? Will the ovals, except a few, slowly fade away in NASCAR like they did for Indycar? Does Indycar have the answer? If racing fans don’t come to the track, bring the track to racing fans. Time will tell us. So, if you are an oval track fan, I suggest that you start attending as many races as possible because, if attendance continues to drop, don’t be surprised to see NASCAR hit the streets of America.

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