Indianapolis Colts set to trade for Aaron Rodgers


The Indianapolis Colts are only a quarterback from being a Super Bowl contender. Getting the league’s MVP could make them favorites.

These types of opportunities don’t present themselves very often. Indianapolis Colts have opportunity to trade for league MVP in Aaron Rodgers, what kind of target are you risking everything for?

I say this because they really have strengths they could give up and still have a very good team left behind.

If Indy trades the Packers several future first-round picks, throws Carson Wentz, and maybe Nyheim Hines, that should be enough to get Rodgers. The Packers would likely be interested in Hines out of the backfield as a wide receiver, they could use Wentz as a veteran to support Jordan Love and use the draft picks to rebuild their squad.

Could Indianapolis Colts trade for Aaron Rodgers?

Chris Ballard isn’t afraid to trade choices. We have already seen this in recent drafts, and in trading for Wentz this offseason. I understand they just traded for Wentz and are committed to him right now. But Rodgers would make this team the favorites to win it all.

Not only would those assets help the Packers, but the Colts would have the cap space to keep Rodgers happy (remember all that extension money for Darius Leonard and Quenton Nelson?). Rodgers also wants to join a team that can fight for the Super Bowl and Indianapolis certainly ticks that box. The Packers would like significant compensation, and Ballard could provide that as well.

Do I think an exchange will take place? Ballard has already traded for a quarterback this offseason. But it would be the type of move that would excite the fanbase to a level maybe to the point we’ve never seen. It would also make this team a real contender for the next five years.

If I’m Ballard, at least I pick up the phone and give it a try. It can’t hurt to ask before you’re told no.

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