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To complete their harvest, the Indianapolis Colts finally took an offensive tackle with the No.248 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft in the form of Penn State’s Will Fries.

While many expected this position to be the team’s first choice in the draft, it actually turns out to be their last.

Fries brings that most important trait needed by any lineman brought to Indianapolis, positional versatility. Fries was a four-year-old starter for the Nittany Lions, starting several games at four of five positions on the line and even starting as a tight blocking end. The only notable exception being in the center.

While the Strip may show far from a polished product, it’s rare for a seventh-round player without a few flaws the Colts get a hard and durable worker in Fries who has faced some of college football’s toughest competitions. in the Big Ten.

Below average arm length at just under 33 inches and his athletic and speed limitations, including a 5.38 in the 40-yard dash, Fries might be better suited for playing indoors. at the professional level. Inside play would help make the most of what Fries does well with his effort, tenacity, solid use of the hand, and poise to level the playing field against top inside rushers.

As for the projection for the seventh round, his versatility is expected to push him to contribute as a depth option across the line, especially as a candidate for the much-needed swing tackle. Based on comments made by the Colts brass, one would expect Sam Tevi to be the alleged left tackle starter with Julie’n Davenport also competing for the position.

Fries will have to fight with players like Chris Reed, Danny Pinter and Joey Hunt for one of the final three to four points deep in training camp.

Recruit screening: Depth lineman with swing tackle potential

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