Ferrari surprised by Monaco’s performance – Sainz


In the roundup: Carlos Sainz Jnr admits Ferrari didn’t see his strong Monaco form coming after finishing second in last weekend’s race.

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Sainz said Ferrari didn’t believe how competitive they would be in Monaco before testing began.

“I think we were all a little surprised,” he said. “I think the whole paddock in general was a bit surprised that the car is performing at this level. But once we saw Thursday that it was genuine, we wanted to win.

His teammate Charles Leclerc took pole position, but was unable to take the start due to undetected damage suffered during his qualifying crash. Sainz took fourth place on the grid and finished second.

“Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, we were unable to obtain [the win]. But I’m happy to see the team moving forward. I think Ferrari deserves to be on the podium this weekend. I think Ferrari deserves a win this weekend, but we couldn’t get it.

Sir Frank Williams pays tribute to Mosley

Williams worked on Mosley’s F2 cars

Williams team founder Sir Frank Williams paid tribute to former FIA President Max Mosley, who died earlier this week.

“It is with great sadness that I reflect on the passing of 81-year-old Max Mosley,” said Williams. “Max has had a profound impact on the wider world of motorsport, but on a personal level has played a vital role in helping to lay the foundation for Team Williams. He was a smart and talented man and his loss will be deeply felt by all who knew him.

“I first met Max in the 1960s when he entered motorsport as a driver. I prepared his car for Formula 2 and, although he was never the fastest driver on the grid, he was always smart behind the wheel. After I retired from driving, I continued to work with Max at his March Engineering business, driving customer cars in the early 1970s under the Frank Williams Racing Cars banner. I would return to a March chassis after founding Williams Grand Prix Engineering in 1977, with Patrick Nève taking the team’s first start at the Spanish Grand Prix that year.

“Max’s passing is particularly moving for me given the role he played in the origins of Williams Racing, as the team celebrated their 750th Grand Prix last weekend in Monaco. It’s fair to say that the team wouldn’t have achieved what they accomplished without the support Max provided in those early days, and I will be eternally grateful to them.

“Despite his success as a chassis builder, Max’s political acumen was always clear and I had every confidence in the creation of the Formula 1 Constructors Association (FOCA) in 1974, with Max, myself, Bernie Ecclestone, Colin Chapman, Teddy Mayer, and Ken Tyrrell as founding members. This political skill has led Max to have a profound impact not only on F1, but also on motorsport and road safety, in his role as President of the FIA.

“As a team leader, I had a lot of relationships with him in this role and, although we didn’t always agree on every issue, he was always ready to have a frank conversation and exchange. views. He led the sport into a new era during this period, characterized by improved safety and technological innovation, and for this he will always be remembered.

“My thoughts, and those of the Williams family, are with his family and friends at this difficult time.”

Entries double for 2021 F1 Esports series

Formula 1 has reported that nearly half a million players have entered the 2021 edition of its official Esports series. Over 494,000 applications were received, an increase of 108% over last year. The series will kick off with a Pro Exhibition event tomorrow night.

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On this day in F1

Buddy Lazier, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1996
Buddy Lazier won the first Indianapolis 500 post-split today in 1996, held on the same day as American rival 500
  • 25 years ago today, Jimmy Vasser won the US 500, a rival Indy 500 race run by CART that his teams entered due to a political dispute. An accident on the formation lap involving Vasser and several others ruined the race. Meanwhile, Buddy Lazier won the first Indianapolis 500 held since the split between CART and the new Indy Racing League.

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