Anonymous Big Ten basketball coaches discuss Ohio state job type


The most honest answers come from people when there is no possibility of recourse. The same can be said for college basketball coaches across the country. Many of the top seven leagues were recently asked to compare Big Ten conference jobs. They came up with things like what made them stand out, what could be better and, ultimately, who were the most attractive in the league to potential rookies?

When it comes to the state of Ohio, there are good points and bad points just like with any program, but when all is said and done, ESPN’s Jeff Borzello received anonymous comments (subscription required) league coaches and divide all jobs into five levels, one being the best.

It’s very interesting to get an outside take on the OSU program and what others across the country are thinking about it, so let’s get on with all the fun stuff.

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Ohio State Basketball – Level 1 According to National Coaches

How far has the state of Ohio climbed in the Top 25 AP?  Buckeyes Thread

How far has the state of Ohio climbed in the Top 25 AP? Buckeyes Thread

March 12, 2021; Indianapolis, Indiana, United States; Ohio State Bench Buckeyes react during the game against the Purdue Boilermakers in the first half at Lucas Oil Stadium. Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Are you surprised? I always say this, but if the state of Ohio wasn’t such a cow in football, it could easily be considered a school of basketball. I mean, look at Illinois. Many consider the Illini to be a school of hoops, but the Buckeyes’ historical figures are better. It’s just that there have been peaks and valleys in the schedule and with football being king it takes a special year for the attention to get to where it should be.

Fred Taylor and Thad Matta had the elite program for a good number of years, and in between there were really, really good campaigns, and some not so good. Now Chris Holtmann is trying to bring things back to a championship level and the needle seems to be pointing upwards with really good momentum.

However, there are a number of Final Fours, All-Americans and Big Ten championships to watch in Columbus.

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Michigan and the State of Ohio have been grouped into four of the senior level programs (along with Indiana and the State of Michigan). The two are linked because they are both considered football schools and big brands. And while there isn’t the perception of being a basketball school like Indiana and the state of Michigan, it’s more history than reality Borzello believes. Take a look at some of the comments he received anonymously.

  • “While Indiana and the State of Michigan are generally considered better jobs because of their dedication to basketball, Michigan and the State of Ohio are number one with the Hoosiers and Spartans. In fact, some coaches think Wolverines and Buckeyes are just better jobs because of their huge brands and sports department resources.

  • “I feel like they are in a group of their own,” said an assistant coach. “They have prestige. Brand name, brand recognition. You can pick up the phone and call any kid in the country and there will be interest because of the mark. There always seem to be NBA level players in their home country year after year. You’re going to be, at worst, one of two in the state of Michigan and Ohio, one of the two.

  • “What don’t they have that Indiana and the state of Michigan have?” another longtime Big Ten assistant has been added.

Borzello believes that a place like the state of Ohio has many built-in benefits. The state is a good country for high school talent, and there have been recent successes in making it to the Final Fours and winning Big Ten championships. All the feathers in the cap and recruiting tokens to play with potential prospects.

  • “They have a huge alumni base,” said one coach. “When they’re good, the fans enjoy their basketball. It’s a basketball rich state, they have a huge basketball history. They had good coaching staff. And when you go on an official visit to a football game, you experience a college football game day, you combine that with great facilities, great city in Columbus hard to refuse.

Borzello also believes having a perception of school football could hurt recruiting if the program experiences a downturn. And in all fairness, we’ve seen this from time to time with the state of Ohio. In fact, Holtmann still keeps the ship away from the decline that began to occur at the end of the Matta era. Here’s what some of the coaches told Borzello.

  • “I don’t think they (Michigan and Ohio State) have the capacity to stay in power if they take a dive like Indiana did,” said one coach. “It’s too easy for people to call Michigan and Ohio football schools. If they soak, they could dive for a while.

  • “Michigan is still a football school. It’s a challenge, ”added another coach. “Some will say it’s a very good thing because they won’t talk about you until the end of January. But people don’t really care until you do. The state of Ohio has one of the worst atmospheres in the league. “

It’s true that football will always be king in Columbus, and it’s also true that the corporate environment that appears to be a part of Value City Arena needs to improve, so we can’t dispute that. However, there is clearly more good than harm when it comes to playing in the scarlet and gray.

Now, let’s take a look at the five Big Ten levels that have become a part of all reviews.

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Five Big Ten Basketball Levels For Quality Rookie Incentives

Ohio State Coach Chris Holtmann named 2017 CBS Sports Top Scout

Ohio State Coach Chris Holtmann named 2017 CBS Sports Top Scout

Ohio State Head Coach Chris Holtmann on the bench in the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against Purdue at the Big Ten Conference tournament in Indianapolis on Friday March 12, 2021 (Credit: AP Photo / Michael Conroy)

Level 1 schools

Indiana Hoosiers
Michigan Wolverines
Michigan State Spartans
Ohio State Buckeyes

Level 2 schools

Maryland Terrapins

Level 3 schools

Purdue Boilermakers
Illinois fighter Illini
Minnesota Golden Gophers
Wisconsin Badgers
Iowa Hawkeyes

Level 4 schools

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Level 5 schools

Scarlet Knights Rutgers
Penn State Nittany Lions
Northwestern wild cats

Those levels could always change, but having Ohio State among the best is an easy argument to make. I’ve always shied away from coaches who say the Buckeye program isn’t Duke or North Carolina, so don’t get used to going to the Final Fours and NCAA tournament appearances year after year. There are a lot of things to work with at OSU and it needs to be embraced. Frankly, the expectations should be higher in many cases.

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