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Posted by Justin Matz

Payday loans are among the most affordable on the market today, present with a wide range of products, designed to meet eight different types of needs: vehicle loans, home loans, small real estate loans, home appliances loans, health and wellness loans, time loans free, project and study loans, ceremonial loans. Not to be forgotten is the practicality of the introduction of digital signatures in Payday loans, which allows you to send and request approval of all the documents necessary for the stipulation of a loan without having to go to the branch of the financial company.

Learn more about online payday lenders

To request payday loans online at this link it is necessary to have between 18 and 75 years, possess a demonstrable income, reside in the Italian territory; you can choose between receiving a bank draft and crediting your bank account, with 100% coverage of the purchase costs; the duration of the amortization can vary from 6 to 120 months and the stipulation of a life and employment risk insurance is foreseen.

Vehicle loan

Vehicle loan

The vehicle loan is a loan for the purchase of a car of any brand or capacity, new or used or at zero kilometers. The Tan is fixed at 6.65%, the Taeg is fixed at 6.85%. The same applies to the purchase of motocross, water and road bikes, scooters and mopeds, apecars, cars without a license, electric bike, new and used campers , caravans. The home loan instead finances home renovation, internal and external structural and architectural modifications, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, replacement of gates, doors and windows, doors, the purchase of a swimming pool, hot tub, shower. The Tan is fixed at 6.65%, the Taeg is fixed at 6.85%.

Home Loan

Home Loan

The home loan also includes the financing for kitchen furniture and furnishings, bedroom, children’s bedroom, living room furniture, bookshelves for the living room, study furniture, garden furniture, furnishing accessories, and textiles; this classification also includes the financing for the purchase of solar panels that generate hot water, photovoltaic solar panels that generate electricity, geothermal systems for heating and cooling, wind power plants, biomass plants that derive energy from substances of animal origin and non-fossil vegetable.

Small property lending, home appliances and leisure time

The small real estate loan has a fixed Tan to 8.55% and a fixed Taeg to 8.89%, it does not provide guarantees on the financed property nor preliminary and notary fees, it is used to finance expenses for the first house, the garage, the vacation home, the small apartment. The appliance loan has a fixed rate of 9.5% and a fixed rate of 9.92%, used to finance all types of appliances and hi-tech elements such as decoders, hi-fi systems, TVs, smartphones, digital cameras, readers multimedia and the like. The free time loan has a fixed Tan at 9.5% and a fixed Taeg at 9.92%, is aimed at the purchase of desktop computers, laptops, peripherals, and accessories for PCs, printers, scanners, hardware products, software products. With this loan, you can also buy cruises, safaris, last-minute, resort stays, itinerant trips to several countries abroad.

Health and wellness loan, projects and studies, ceremonies

The health and wellness loan has a fixed Tan at 9.45% and a fixed Taeg at 9.87%, is aimed at financing specialist visits, treatments and stays at wellness centers, gym or pool season tickets, medical treatment, beauty treatments, provided in public and private facilities in Italy and abroad. The loan projects and studies are aimed at financing courses of any level and subject, including kindergarten and kindergarten, school recovery, specialization, masters, foreign languages. The Tan is fixed at 9.45%, the Taeg is fixed at 9.87%. Finally, the ceremonial loan has a fixed Tan at 6.65% and a fixed Taeg of 6.85%; is aimed at financing the expenses necessary to organize weddings, wedding anniversaries, baptisms, communions, confirmations, graduation parties.