04 Mar

Kybella – New, Natural, Non-Invasive


You may have heard about people whose profiles include a “strong, square jaw” or a “dainty chin.” For those who feel like their jowls fall into the “prematurely soft and round” category, there is hope. Where cosmetic surgery and liposuction once reigned supreme, Kybella is a new advancement.

What Is This New Treatment?

Dr. Landow says that Kybella injections were approved for dermatology regimens in early 2015. They are designed to combat excessive fat deposits in and around the jawline. The drug, itself, is a synthesized version of deoxycholic acid. Your body naturally produces this compound in your gut to get rid of fat cells. Here’s how it works:

  • The acid breaks down the fat cell membrane
  • The fat cell dissolves
  • Your body absorbs the free-floating cell residue
  • Your body metabolizes the residue

Adult fat cells do not naturally regenerate, so these treatments typically produce long-lasting results.

What Is Kybella Not? 

Kybella filler is not surgery. There is no anesthesia or cutting required. It is also not liposuction. Nothing is siphoned out of or off the body. You may receive a topical or localized anesthetic to numb the sensation from the injections. You may have two to six sessions over the course of your treatment, depending on your needs and how well your body responds.

Talk to your dermatologist about how this innovative technique can help you produce the profile you’ve always preferred.