22 Aug

Debunking Dermatology Myths

Proper skin care is vital so that you can continue to look fabulous throughout life. There are a lot of myths out there about what should and should not be done so that you can continue to look magnificent. It can be difficult to sort through what is real and what is not, so here are some dermatology myths you should not feel obliged to abide by.

Moisturizer Needs to be Applied in Upward Strokes to Avoid Wrinkles
This is a common myth you do not have to follow. It is impossible to rub wrinkles on your face. However, you can create wrinkles by consistently stretching a certain area of your face. For example, always sleeping on one side of your face could create wrinkles over time because you are creasing the skin the same way every night.

Greasy Foods and Chocolate Cause Acne
This may come as a surprise, but there has been no scientific evidence to support the notion that the foods you eat lead to acne. Now if you get oil on your face, then that could cause acne. However, simply eating something is not going to make you break out in zits.  (Source: Dr. Ken Landow, M.D)

There are numerous other dermatology myths out there about what should be done to have healthy skin. The information is available right at your laptop, but you should do plenty of research on any skin care tip before taking it to heart to make sure you are actually getting some good out of it.